Theirs is to win

This week my students and I are watching Life Story, the 1987 BBC film about the discovery of the structure of DNA that was broadcast in the states as the more lamely titled Race for the Double Helix. While I would concede that my fellow Pittsburgh Jew Jeff Goldblum‘s portrayal of Jim Watson is somewhat over the top, I find it strangely compelling. And the rest of the cast is simply stellar, especially Alan Howard as a tortured Maurice Wilkins and Juliet Stevenson as Rosalind Franklin trying to negotiate a world that was so brazenly contemptuous of women, to say nothing of women scientists.

Insofar as I know, the film has never been released on DVD or Blu-Ray. Here is the opening:

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2 Responses to Theirs is to win

  1. Anne says:

    Fantastic movie, we watched it in 9th grade biology. It really hasn’t been released on DVD? Tragic.

  2. mangrist says:

    I know. I have a VHS copy I made when it was originally broadcast and I bought a bootleg DVD on eBay that is of dubious quality. Bloody BBC.