PLOS ONE Video Shorts

PLOS ONE Video Shorts are meant to help our authors, reviewers and academic editors better navigate Editorial Manager.


How to Submit Your Revised Manuscript

How to Select a Coauthor to act as a Corresponding Author

How to Check Your Manuscript Image Quality in Editorial Manager

Academic Editor

How to Accept or Decline Invitations and Navigate Action Links

How to Add Subject Classifications to Your Profile

How to Invite a Reviewer to a Manuscript Using the EM Database

How to Invite a Reviewer to a Manuscript Using PIVOT

How to Register and Select a New Reviewer

How to Change Reviewer Deadlines and Required Reviewers for a Manuscript

How to Submit your Decision

How to Set Unavailability Dates

How to Invite Reviewers to a Revised Manuscript


How to Navigate Action Links in Editorial Manager

How to Accept or Decline an Invitation to Review a Manuscript

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