Ask everyONE: Adding classifications to your paper

This post is written by Sara Mynott, a publications assistant for PLoS ONE. She focuses on assigning Academic Editors to appropriate manuscripts and provides support to both authors and editorial board members throughout the editorial process.

One way to help your paper move smoothly through the editorial process is to give it appropriate classifications. By selecting at least 10 classifications, the time taken to find a suitable Academic Editor for your submission can be reduced.

First, select the broad categories that you paper falls into, such as ‘Biology’ and ‘Genetics’. More specific subject areas can be selected by clicking on the boxes to expand each topic. If you can’t see the category you are looking for, the search bar can be used to find words and phrases that describe your paper. Note that some subjects are listed under multiple headings. For example, you might find ‘Population Genetics’ under both ‘Genetics’ and ‘Computational Biology’. Not to worry – the more classifications you add to your paper, the faster we can find an Editor in that area.

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