Ask everyONE: Saving your submission

This post is by Nicholas Ellinwood, who has worked with PLoS ONE since last year. He is a Publications Assistant who focuses on assigning Academic Editors to appropriate manuscripts, managing email queries and handling our new species papers.

A common experience that authors share when trying to initially submit their manuscript to PLoS ONE is that their progress does not appear to be saved or sent to our Editorial Manager system because it disappears from their account.  Fortunately, this is not true.  The paper is being saved in the author’s account that is listed as the corresponding author.  This is because PLoS ONE only grants the corresponding author the authority to access, submit, and approve incomplete, finished or edited submission.

To find answers to more commonly asked questions please check out our Most Common Questions page. If you have a more immediate question though, please contact us directly at plosone [at]

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