PLoS ONE News and Blog Round-Up

In this PLoS ONE media digest: bedbugs bite, edible insects are environmentally friendly and more!

In an article on the Transcriptomics of the Bed Bug (Cimex lectularius), researchers from Ohio State University identified possible genes in bedbugs that help protect against pesticides. Their paper received coverage from NPR, Wall Street Journal, ABC News, Reuters, Irish Times and AFP.

Dutch researchers suggest insects are an environmentally friendly meat alternative in their paper on An Exploration on Greenhouse Gas and Ammonia Production by Insect Species Suitable for Animal or Human Consumption. The research was covered in Mongabay, Toronto Sun and PhysOrg.

In a recently published paper, Multiplexed Echo Planar Imaging for Sub-Second Whole Brain FMRI and Fast Diffusion Imaging, researchers developed new technology that significantly reduces the amount of time it takes to scan the brain.  The research was covered by Sify, PhysOrg and Medgadget. The image above is part of Figure 4. and shows neuronal fiber tracks generated using the M-EPI sequence.

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