Blog pick of the month is changing hands

With Bora now at Scientific American, it’s time for us to acknowledge the fabulous work he did on starting and maintaining PLoS ONE’s popular blog pick of the month feature and to announce that the honor of choosing the best post about a PLoS ONE article each month will now pass to Brian Mossop, the Community Manager for PLoS.

The process for choosing the September winner will remain exactly the same as previously, namely:

  • Brian will send out a couple of Twitter reminders to the community to post their blogs about PLoS ONE articles.
  • Only posts about PLoS ONE research articles on blog sites registered with will be considered. If your site doesn’t get easily aggregated for technical reasons please just let Brian know about your post by emailing him directly.
  • He will read all the posts about PLoS ONE articles on and prepare a shortlist of the top five. We’re looking for enjoyable and readable posts that bring science to life for the intended audience.
  • His shortlist will be reviewed by the PLoS judging panel of Pete Binfield, Liz Allen, Sara Wood and Jen Laloup. The winner will be chosen and notified.
  • The winner will receive a PLoS ONE tee-shirt as do all the authors of the article plus publicity through PLoS social media streams.

It’s not too late to have your post considered for Brian’s first pick so get writing today.

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2 Responses to Blog pick of the month is changing hands

  1. Coturnix says:

    Thank you. I am sure Brian will do a great job with this. Just remember to search both for ‘journal.pone’ and ‘PLoS ONE’ as the citations differ if people use DOI or title to make their code.

    And now…. I am eligible for the prize myself! I better start blogging….

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