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***Please note that this post is not being updated.  To find an updated page of frequently asked questions, please visit our Common PLoS ONE Questions page.***

At 10 a.m. (PST)  on July 26th, PLoS ONE migrated to a new manuscript submission system called PLoS Editorial Manager.  In order to make this transition smooth for our authors, reviewers and Academic Editors we’ve compiled a list of commonly asked questions that might help address some concerns.

Q.  I submitted a manuscript prior to July 26th but I can’t find the URL to access my manuscript.

A. The link to our old system (the ‘JMS’) is: Please use this link to access any manuscript that was submitted before July 26th. If you are reviewing a manuscript that was submitted before July 26th, you will also find it here.  The link to our new system (‘PLoS EM’) is: Please use this site for any new submissions.

Q. My user name and password is not working on the new Editorial Manager (EM) website. What should I do?

A.  If you are one of our Academic Editors you should have received an email with your new user name and password for EM.  Be sure to check your spam folders if you haven’t received it.  If you have had a previous interaction with a PLoS journal then you actually have an account in the new system already, and should simply follow the “Send Username/Password” link in order to receive your temporary password. If you have never submitted to a PLoS Journal before, then you will need to set up a new account (by clicking “Register Now”).

For Academic Editors and referees who still need to work on papers they agreed to review prior to July 26th, please note that you will still use your old username and password to access the ‘old’ JMS.

Q. I am an Author and my manuscript is not appearing in the new Editorial Manager (EM) system. What happened to it?

A. We have not transferred manuscripts that were submitted prior to July 26th to the new EM system; your manuscript will still be found in our ‘old’ JMS. You can access your paper using your old user name and password. When we transfer your manuscript you will receive an email notification telling you how to access it in the ‘new’ system.

Q.  I am an author submitting a revised manuscript. Should I resubmit my paper in the JMS or resubmit in EM?

A. If your paper was originally submitted prior to July 26th, please resubmit your manuscript to the ‘old’ system (JMS) until August 2nd.  On August 2nd we will start to migrate the ‘in process’ manuscripts into the new system (any ms which has already had a first decision made). We anticipate this migration to last until August 6th.  Therefore, we would advise that you hold off on submitting any revised manuscripts between these dates. You will receive an email notification letting you know when your record has been transferred to the ‘new’ system.

Q. I am an Academic Editor who is asking for a revision on a manuscript in the JMS?  Will the revision be resubmitted in the JMS or EM?

A. If you are handling a manuscript in the ‘old’ system then you will render your decision in the ‘old’ system. Provided the revision is submitted after August 2nd, then that revision will be submitted (by the authors) into the ‘new’ system and you will be asked to consider the revision in that system going forwards. You will receive emailed invitations to the new record.

Q. I am a PLoS ONE AE or SE who needs help understanding the new system where can I find instructions?

A. Please contact PLoS ONE ( directly and we will be able to supply you training documents.

Q.  I am an author trying to submit a manuscript.  When I upload Microsoft Word files and view the “Artwork Quality Results,” the manuscript fails. What do I do?

A. We have fixed this problem but if you are still receiving this error message it is OK to approve your manuscript anyway.

If you run into other problems that have not been answered here please don’t hesitate to contact us at  Happy submitting!

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3 Responses to PLoS Editorial Manager FAQ

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  2. Montserrat says:

    If after reviewing my article is not accepted for publication.
    Should I pay any fees for open access?

    Thank you

    • Product says:

      Hi Montserrat,

      If your article is not accepted for publication you will not be charged a publication fee. If you have any other questions, be sure to contact us at