Touch the research you need – new PLoS iPad App

In just over 2 months since the iPad launch, PLoS has released a dedicated iPad app, that covers all the PLoS Journals, available free from the App Store.

We are one of the first academic journal publishers to do this with thanks to the talented developer Tom Brow, who has made mobile browsing of our journals easier than ever (watch this 1.5 minute video demo which was filmed by Bruce Wismer and edited by Matt Agnello, the Hungry Filmaker).

The PLoS Journals iPad application lets you:

  • Browse and share from anywhere over 3G or Wifi
  • Keep an archive of articles for offline reading
  • Turn pages with a satisfying flick and scroll between them
  • Magnify pages should you wish

PLoS is committed to continue pushing the boundaries of scientific communication. We’re delighted that both this and our first iPhone app (from PLoS Medicine) were created for us pro bono by the developers – something that would not be possible without our Open Access Licence from Creative Commons, which provides a rich source of content for experimentation and creative reuse.

Here’s what Tom, the developer, said about his experience of generating this app:

“I was experimenting with ways to make reading print articles in digital form more enjoyable, and PLoS completed the equation with a repository of journal content that I was free to use and present in any way I could imagine. The result is something that is useful to anyone who reads, and so I’m working with PLoS to make it freely available to everyone”.

Tom is a freelance developer and interface designer with a varied portfolio of iPad and iPhone work. He builds things for fun and for profit, and is always looking for challenging projects. You can contact Tom to talk about your iProject by emailing or viewing his online portfolio.

We welcome your comments on this new App to Please be aware that the developer is currently working on adding Search functionality.

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14 Responses to Touch the research you need – new PLoS iPad App

  1. rdmpage says:

    Nice, but I think this is exactly the wrong approach to the iPad. Instead of treating it as electronic paper (complete with pretty page-turning effects), why not re-imagine the scientific article? Make it interactive, expose the data, make the links work, etc. I know it’s early days, but if we think of the iPad as paper we’re missing a huge opportunity.

  2. steelgraham says:


    @Rod, I completely agree with you.

    As usual, I’m sure the folks at PLoS will ‘make it happen’.


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  4. rdmpage says:

    An alternative view of the direction PLoS could take with the iPad:

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  8. kiranchari says:

    cool app. i think the wizfolio web-app for iPad will complement this. wizfolio’s reference mgmt. software has similar functionalities with more libraries connected i believe.

  9. Mike Chelen says:

    Will the application source code be released, in keeping with the principles of open publishing? Would like to see how the content is queried from the PLoS servers. This would also allow other developers to add requested features. Great to see the material becoming more available on mobile platforms.

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  11. Kate Owen says:

    Will you guys plan to make an App for android device? There is only one out there (called “PLoS One to go”) but it is so primitive. But it is convenient for me to follow new articles almost daily.

  12. Jimmy says:

    Interesting post – TY. I am interested in apps at the moment hehe. [=

  13. Nick says:

    This sounds veryy awesome indeed. I like apps, myself! :)

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