ONE Size Fits All: Bumper Special

Since the launch of the PLoS online store and Bora Zivkovic’s Science Online 2010 conference, we have amassed several more photos of PLoS aficionados modelling some of PLoS’s marvellous merchandise. As you can see from these photos, ONE size really does fit all!

The first photo shows PLoS Biology Editor-in-Chief Jonathan Eisen and Bora (Bora is wearing the ever-popular “hamsters love PLoS” shirt, and Jonathan’s shirt was a homemade ‘one off’ as far as we know we stand corrected, see the comment thread – Ed.). Photo credit: @ivanoransky (via Graham Steel)

Graham Steel also attended Science Online 2010, although as a virtual participant. He too opted for an item from the “hamsters love PLoS” collection; this time, a hoodie, which given the recent UK weather, is more suitable than a t-shirt. Photo credit: Graham Steel

The third photo was taken on Pete Binfield’s latest trip to Paris with his family. Pete’s daughter is wearing the PLoS ONEsie in front of some non-descript French building… Photo credit: Kim Binfield

Finally, the last photo is of me, mid-run, in Central Park on a recent trip to New York. I’m wearing the PLoS ONE first birthday t-shirt (you can see the t-shirt design better in this photo from PLoS ONE Section Editor Jason Stajich).

Today is my last day at PLoS so I won’t be blogging here any longer (although you can find me on Twitter); however, after three great years at PLoS ONE, I have amassed a fair amount of PLoS gear (including the now rare messenger bag), which will undoubtedly come with me on my travels.

For now, though, thanks for reading and goodbye!

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2 Responses to ONE Size Fits All: Bumper Special

  1. billhooker says:

    Jonathan’s shirt is a Red Sox (not certain of the team… guess I’ll get flamed if I’m wrong) jersey, from a promotion where you could pick your own name and number.

  2. phylogenomics says:

    tis indeed a RedSox shirt – I ordered it for mr Michael Eisen for his birthday and they had a two for one deal, so I got one for myself

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