The Future of Online Publishing (Presentation to ISMTE)

A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to give a presentation entitled “The Future of Online Publishing” to the ISMTE (a professional body for Managing Editors of academic journals).

The talk is directed at an audience of people who think about journals from the publishing side of the business, but I think it will be of interest to a wider audience as well. The presentation and synced audio can be viewed at Myplick.

Just to spoil the suspense, my predictions for the near future were:

  1. The future is (already) online
  2. Publishing will move closer to the communities it serves
  3. New evaluation methods will evolve
  4. Publishers will provide new ‘bells and whistles’
  5. Data will become increasingly important and may start to supplant primary publications
  6. New tools will affect us in unknown ways
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3 Responses to The Future of Online Publishing (Presentation to ISMTE)

  1. mhaendel says:

    There was some interesting discussion regarding prediction #4 at the International Conference on Biomedical Ontology recently. Specifically, it was argued that one way to add value to journals could and should be to use ontologies to markup papers (a hopefully more interoperable semantic markup). Furthermore, the journals should consider hiring specialists to do this work, and possibly even participate in the creation of such ontologies within the communities they serve.

    The panel discussion can be viewed here:

    and a blog account of it is here:

    Thanks for sharing your interesting presentation. I look forward to future PLoS innovations.

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