Waltzing with Dinosaurs

Last week, we introduced three new species of dinosaur from the mid-Cretaceous, discovered in the Winton Formation in Australia: the ferocious, carnivorous theropod, Australovenator wintonensis and two giant, plant-eating sauropods, Witonotitan wattsi and Diamantinasaurus matildae. The three dinosaurs, nicknamed “Banjo,” “Clancy” and “Matilda,” respectively (after Banjo Patterson, composer of the song Waltzing Matilda and two characters from his works), were described in a paper by Scott Hocknull and his team from the Queensland Museum and the Australian Age of Dinosaurs Museum, which was published in PLoS ONE on Friday.

BanjoAlthough the publication of the paper and the unveiling of the dinosaurs in Queensland, Australia, took place on July 3, a US public holiday, the discovery has generated extensive coverage in the international media and in the blogosphere. At the time of writing, Google News lists over 500 news articles and there have been many more blog posts. We’ve summarised some of the most interesting articles and posts below, although this should not stop you from adding your own discussion comments, notes and ratings directly onto the article.



The Australian Age of Dinosaurs website also has a range of interesting content available, including the press releases, fact files on the dinosaurs, images, and more information on how to take part in one of the AAOD’s Dinosaur Discovery Weeks.

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