Mendeley Bookmarklet added to PLoS articles

As part of our ongoing efforts to help users spread our articles across the web to reach relevant communities, we are working with an increasing number of interesting partners. The latest additional feature to all our articles is a bookmarklet from Mendeley which is:

.. a free social software for managing and sharing research papers. It is also a Web 2.0 site for discovering research trends and connecting to like-minded academics.

When you look at any PLoS article, you will see this box in the right hand column. The red icon far right is the new addition from Mendeley. The others, from left to right are Stumbleupon, Facebook, Connotea, Citeulike, Digg and Mendeley.

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We were pleased to learn a few weeks ago that PLoS ONE papers are some of the most frequently read, by Mendeley users and so we hope this bookmarklet helps to push us up that list!

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