Thanking our Peer-Reviewers

Since the original launch of PLoS ONE in 2006, through the end of 2008, the journal has benefited from the comments and insight of almost 9,000 external peer reviewers (a number which is now well above 11,000, as of today).

These individuals often work in an anonymous capacity, in their spare time, and for no remuneration. They are the unsung heroes of the academic journal publication process and both ourselves (the publishers), and the recipients of their advice (the authors and our academic editors) greatly appreciate and value their efforts.

Therefore, in common with many other journals, we are publicly acknowledging and thanking these individuals via our web site. We had already made a page with our most frequent reviewers, but we have now gone back through our  database to make sure that all 9,000 people who submitted a review (through end-2008) are appropriately credited and thanked.  We will be updating these pages annually going forwards, and I would like to add my personal voice to thanking them for their contributions.

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