LaTeX submissions now accepted at PLoS ONE

Here’s some good news for all LaTeX devotees – PLoS ONE now welcomes these submissions.

Although LaTeX (a widely used, freely available, document preparation system) submissions have been possible for many PLoS titles for some time, PLoS ONE’s fast electronic workflow and high throughput of papers meant that we had to rigorously test how it would work on this journal before we could introduce it.

Now that we’ve finished piloting it with a few live examples with encouraging results (such as this paper on high resolution maps of science) we’re ready to roll it out for all our authors and we’re hoping that this new service will be well received by authors from the following ‘math heavy’ communities (among others of course):

  • Computational Biology
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Mathematics
  • Engineering

Please read the full author guidelines for the preparation of LaTeX files for PLoS ONE and submit your LaTeX paper today!

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