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weekly roundup 2

Once again, at the intersection of leisure time and scientific inquiry are many new discoveries.

Many people doubt the ability of non-professionals to contribute to scientific research. The proof is in the pudding as illustrated by these new findings brought to you by citizen science:

Weinstein et al. 2014. A first population assessment of Black Oystercatcher
Haematopus bachmani in California. Marine Ornithology 42:49-56.

Bahls 2014. New diatoms from the American West – a tribute to citizen science
Proceedings of the Academy of Science of Philadelphia

La Sorte, et al. 2014. The role of atmospheric conditions in the seasonal dynamics of North American migration flyways. J of Biogeography

Kim et al. 2014. Space-time wiring specificity supports direction selectivity in the retina. Nature

In spite of its proven successes, there are many debates about the utility of data from (supposed) non-experts.  A new paper by Bird and colleagues (below) explores statistical methods and tools for dealing with error and bias in citizen science data. The statistical tools are not new, just easily re-purposed for citizen science because the types of error and bias in citizen science data are similar to those found in other large-scale databases.

Bird et al. 2014. Statistical solutions for error and bias in global citizen science datasets.
Biological Conservation

My queue is growing and from it I’ll discuss one or more of these papers in upcoming posts.  Comment below on which are of particular interest to you!

Remember: This is just a sample. Help me fill in the blanks by sending links of more papers reporting the results of research that relied on citizen science. Send to me via twitter @CoopSciScoop or put in the comments below.


photo credit: Black Oystercatcher by Frank Schulenburg, “A beginner’s guide to diatoms” by Ernst Mayr Library, Indigo Bunting by Dan Pancamo, and EyeWirers example by Amy Lee Robinson



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