The Science of Words: Citizen Science Projects About Words and Language

We’re shuffling science into the language department as we explore citizen science projects about words. Explore the science of words by checking out these projects, fit for lovers of literature and armchair museum curators!

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Investigating Word Modalities

Help determine whether certain words are associated with sight and sound. Complete an online questionnaire, assessing the “sensory modality” of the words. Get started!


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The VerbCorner Project

Dictionaries have existed for centuries, but creating exact meanings of many words still needs help. These researchers have broken the problem into a series of microtasks in need of your input. Get started!


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Notes from Nature

Help museum staff transcribe scanned copies of labels and ledgers that have been meticulously recorded and stored with species over the past century. In many cases these are the only historical records of species distribution available. Putting them online can help accelerate research. Get started!


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Ancient Lives

Ancient Lives wants you to help transcribe ancient papyri texts from Greco-Roman Egypt. The data gathered will help scholars reveal new knowledge of the literature, culture, and lives of Greco-Romans in ancient Egypt. Get started!


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Ignore That!

How well are you able to ignore unnecessary information? To study this, researchers ask you to look at words and simple figures and answer questions about them online. Get started!


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