Fun and Games Until Someone Maps an Eye (Neuron)

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Tired of watching the kids race home from school just to play video games for hours? One-up them and make a significant contribution to science while YOU play games. (Warning: The kids might like these, too!)


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EyeWire is a citizen science project aimed at mapping the neural connections of the retina. All you have to do is play a relaxing and absorbing game of coloring online brain images! Get started!


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Play this online game to explore how nanovehicles can cooperate with each other and their environment to kill tumors. Best strategies will be considered for validation in vitro or in robotico! Get started!


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Players are challenged to compare chunks of genetic code from the common ash tree, Fraxinus excelsior, to search for genes that could encode resistance to the Chalara fungus. Players will also match genetic patterns from the Chalara fungus to learn more about how it spreads.
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Citizen Sort

Classify photos of plant and insect species that scientists took live in the field by playing Happy Match or the adventure game Forgotten Island. Players will solve puzzles and explore diverse locations from icy peaks to fiery volcanoes. Get started!



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AgeGuess investigates the differences between perceived age (how old you look to other people) and chronological age (how old you actually are) and their potential power as an aging biomarker.
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