Known From Fossils First

While writing your dissertation, you come across many fascinating tidbits written as passing remarks. They are so interesting that you happily spend time chasing down the original references and learning more, only later to find them frustratingly difficult to work … Continue reading »

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The Field Museum faces a real threat

I mostly want to use this forum to discuss new, exciting, and integrative paleontological research, but today I need to discuss something that is threatening new, exciting, and integrative paleontological research. Actually, the threat goes much further beyond that, because … Continue reading »

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Fossil frogs / The fossil record is not as bad as you think it is

Conventional wisdom holds that the fossil record is data-poor compared to the modern record. Introductory biology textbooks always start their explanation of the fossil record by stating that it is imperfect. They point out that there are lots of holes … Continue reading »

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