The Global Challenges of Noncommunicable Diseases: A PLOS Medicine Collection: The First Installment

In December 2012, PLOS Medicine launched a call for papers on noncommunicable diseases including mental health.(1) In this first installment of the PLOS Medicine Collection, “The Global Challenges of Noncommunicable Diseases,” we feature 38 articles, from research …

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Restoring Invisible and Abandoned Trials: A Creative Approach to a Public Good; Now a Creative Approach to Implementation is Needed

Margaret A. Winker, MD, Senior Research Editor, PLOS Medicine, and Virginia Barbour, MD, Chief Editor, PLOS Medicine, on behalf of the PLOS Medicine Editors.

The power of the concept that making results of all clinical trials accessible to researchers, clinicians, …

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Facing Up to the US Gun Problem: Steps in the Right Direction

The United States has a gun problem, but if the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting has any silver lining, perhaps the US public, and most importantly the US government, will finally acknowledge the problem as a first step toward addressing …

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