Getting to CrossMark

This week, we launched our participation in CrossRef’s CrossMark program. It’s an exciting step for PLOS, and getting there was a learning experience we hope you’ll find interesting.

The Program

CrossMark is a service of CrossRef that is gaining traction …

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What Do We Hold In Highest Regard?

Beautiful black serif impressions on thick creamy paper

Mythical engravings you can feel, with a pass of your fingers over the paper

A substantial, weighty, J.C. Paul & Son press engraved with serpent decorations… and other solid metal equipment, all

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Structured Documents for Science: JATS XML as Canonical Content Format

It’s only my 7th day on the job here at PLOS as a product manager for content management. So it’s early days, but I’m starting to think about the role of JATS XML in the journal publishing process.

I …

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