Philosophical advice on ‘magic crystals’ and talking back to pseudoscience

“So Beth had this amazing thing, where she went to this guy who sorted her back out,” my mum is saying, “he uses crystals and everything.” My wife and I are in attendance at a lonely Suffolk pub for our … Continue reading »

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The student voice in the debate over UK Doctoral Training Centres

In the academic year 2011-12 the EPSRC, a UK science funding council, pulled funding for about a third of the physical science PhD project studentships the organisation had previously funded. Academia was feeling the first fruits of the council’s decision … Continue reading »

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The geekiest practical joke ever?

I was once asked to pick my ‘ultimate chemistry hero’ for a series on great scientists. It was a hard decision – there are a lot of great chemists out there – so in the end I ducked the question … Continue reading »

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Automatic chemistry

PLOS is pleased to relaunch its Student Blog with this post from Joshua Howgego, a chemistry grad currently in the Science Communications program of Imperial College, London. Please come back to hear more from Josh and other promising writers who will … Continue reading »

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