Why I don’t believe in science…and students shouldn’t either

As I have been preparing for my last post on SciEd, I’ve reflected on why I became a science educator to begin with.  And I realize it’s because I strongly believe that knowledge is an important tool to improve our …

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Why is climate change education important to our health?

“Even if climate change isn’t real [but we know it is], aren’t the benefits of cleaner air, water and land worth all the effort put towards cleaner energy, reduced resource use and all general “green” practices?”  I can’t remember where …

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Making good use of Hollywood’s bad science

Maybe it was destiny, but when I was a freshman in high school in 1997 the movie Dante’s Peak, starring Pierce Brosnan, was released.  Why was it destiny?  For those of you unfamiliar with the movie, it was about …

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My Top 3 Geology Education Models

My Top 3 Geology Teaching Models

I love models.  Specifically dynamic analog models.  I love building something and then seeing it work.  And apparently, lots of other people enjoy them, too.  There’s something about seeing something work in real life …

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STEM and Liberal Arts: Frienemies of the State

When I was getting ready for college, I knew I was going to pursue a degree in some area of science; I never even considered a liberal arts degree.  To be honest, I did my best to not take any …

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Rolling your eyes at climate change education

I recently had an eye-opening experience at work at the National Museum of Natural History. A couple of colleagues and I went into the exhibit halls to ask groups of teens about what they would find interesting to learn more about …

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The Metric System, the United States of America, and Scientific Literacy

Here’s a quick quiz: I weigh 71 kilograms, and am about 1.82 meters tall.

a.) Do you have an idea of about how much I weigh and how tall I am?

b.) Am I taller or shorter than you, and …

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Informal Science Education in Museums – Learning by Accident

I thought I would kick off my contribution to this blog with a brief introduction to my area of interest in learning science and natural history in museums settings.  I’ll share a bit about myself and ask and answer a …

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