Does Canada’s Food Guide Promote Excess Weight Gain?

Food Guide debate

UPDATE: The debate video is now online.  You can view the video here.

In the past few years the Canadian Obesity Network Students/New Professionals and the Human Kinetics Grad Students Association at the University of Ottawa have become well-known for hosting public debates and presentations related to obesity.

Topics of previous events include (full videos of each event available at the below links):

This year they will be hosting another free event titled “Does Canada’s Food Guide promote weight gain?”.  The debate will take place on Wednesday, January 29th at 7:30pm at 57 Louis Pasteur Drive (room 227 in Fauteux Hall, University of Ottawa Main Campus).

*Note – the above map has the pin about 100m south of where it should be.

The debate will feature Drs Yoni Freedhoff (arguing that the food guide does promote weight gain) and Hasan Hutchinson (arguing that it does not).  The purpose of the debate is to provide attendees with a balanced discussion on the merits and perils of Canada’s Food Guide within the context of weight gain and obesity.

You could not possibly find two better individuals for this debate.  Dr. Hutchinson is the Director General of the Office of Nutrition Policy and Promotion within the Health Products and Food Branch of Health Canada (this is the office responsible for the Guide).  Prior to his time at Health Canada Dr Hutchinson worked as an Associate Director at the Canadian Institutes of Health Research and as a researcher at McGill University.  Dr. Freedhoff is a medical doctor and director of the Bariatric Medical Institute, as well as an outspoken blogger and writer (Yoni has been very vocal in his opinion of the Food Guide in the past).   There is literally no one better suited to argue the merits and pitfalls of the Food Guide than these two gentlemen.

As with our previous public events this debate will be free and open to the public. They are hoping for a full audience of young researchers, graduate and medical students, community members, new professionals or anyone with an interest in healthy eating. Please feel free to share the word! Seating is first come/first serve, so you may want to come a bit early to get a good spot.  I am also hoping to be able to post video once the event is complete. Hope you can make it!


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