One seriously active vacation

My wife, and her friend Puffy the Puffin

Yesterday I reposted an article from a few years back, explaining why I feel that active vacations are more re-energizing than drinking on the beach (although an ideal vacation would probably include a bit of both).  Although I try to stay active on all my trips, I am far more active when I travel with my wife.  She organized the bike trip that I described yesterday, and she is currently on another cycling trip across Newfoundland (I will be joining for part of the trip later this summer).

Daun has done several trips over the years, including cycling from San Francisco to Vancouver three years ago, and across all of Canada in the summer of 2003 (yes, my wife is intense in an awesome way). Each trip has had some sort of theme/inspiration, and for her current trip it is a young girl by the name of Phoebe Rose.  Phoebe was first diagnosed with cancer at 9 weeks of age, and is now almost 3 years old (I blogged about Phoebe earlier this year).  Phoebe is currently doing quite well (you can read all about Phoebe at her mother’s wonderful blog), and Daun is cycling to help raise awareness/money for childhood cancer charities and the hospitals that have been treating Phoebe here in Canada and in the US.

Daun is writing about her trip at her blog (Riding for Phoebe Rose – Puffy the Puffin and the Tutu Bicycle), which takes the form of a children’s story from the perspective of Puffy the Puffin (Daun is a teacher, so she’s really hoping to get kids engaged by the trip).  If you are interested in what it’s like to go on a long-distance cycling trip (it’s much easier than you’d think!), or you think it might be of interest to any of the kids in your family, I’d urge you to check out Daun’s blog here.



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