Want to contribute to obesity research? Take these online surveys

Here on Obesity Panacea we regularly discuss obesity-related research.  If you are interested, today you have the opportunity to give back by responding to 2 online research studies about obesity-related issues.

The first survey, available here, is aimed at the general public, and is trying to determine their (e.g. your) opinions about body weight, health, and related policies.

The second study, available here, is aimed at people who work in the treatment of obesity (physicians, nurses, dietitians, psychologists, etc) in order to inform the development of a “Healthy Body Scorecard” for children.

I found out about both of the above studies via the Canadian Obesity Network, which makes this a good time to remind everyone that their 2nd National Obesity Summit will be taking place May 1-4 in Vancouver.  Peter and I liveblogged the previous Summit in Montreal (those posts can be found here), and it was a fantastic experience.  Early bird registration lasts until this Friday (April 19), so if you’re thinking about going now is the time to sign up.  You can sign up for the conference here.


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