Andreas Roepstorff on Neuroanthropology

Andreas Roepstorff is one of the leaders of neuroanthropology. A professor in both anthropology and integrative neuroscience at Aarhus, Roepstorff is co-director of the MINDLab there.

MINDLab is based on fruitful collaborations among leading research groups across Faculties and Institutes at Aarhus University… addressing central scientific problems within culture, music, language and memory. Combining this knowledge with research on novel technologies to examine the living brain, and on the most devastating neurological and psychiatric disorders, we hope to create new means to preserve and recover function and quality-of-life in relation to diseases accounting for 35% of the disease burden in Denmark. MINDLab will also develop new forms of teaching and sharing of knowledge, exploiting crucial synergies across traditional disciplines.

LEVYNA – the Laboratory for the Experimental Research of Religion – has posted an interview with Roepstorff where he discusses his synthetic work in neuroanthropology.

It’s a real pleasure to hear Roepstorff, as I’ve never met him in person. Big hat-tip to Micah Allen for bringing the video to my attention.

If you want more from Roepstorff, you can access a list of all his publications here. One of the best overviews of his approach to neuroanthropology is the paper co-authored with Jörg Niewöhnerc and Stefan Beck, Enculturing brains through patterned practices (pdf available here).

LEVYNA also features a series of interviews with other great scholars, including Harvey Whitehouse and Paulo Sousa.

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