How do you see the future of SBRN?

In the fall of 2011 a group of researchers interested in the health impact of sedentary behaviour came together to form the Sedentary Behaviour Research Network.  Since then the group has grown to more than 400 members, and has published an updated (and frequently cited) definition of sedentary behaviour.

We had an in-person meeting at the recent International Congress on Physical Activity and Public Health, where we discussed the current state of the group and plans for the future.  Click here to download notes from that meeting.

Dr Bill Kohl (president of the International Society for Physical Activity and Health) also attended the meeting, and discussed the possible benefits that might be associated with SBRN becoming formally associated with ISPAH.  The other options would be to remain as a more loosely affiliated network, or to remain independent but with increased structure.

Since not all SBRN members could attend the meeting in Australia, we have created a survey asking for feedback on how to proceed.  We will move forward with whatever receives the most interest from SBRN members (a reminder that anyone interested in sedentary behaviour can join for free by clicking here).  For some reason I am unable to embed the survey on our blog, but it can be accessed here.

If you are interested in the health impact of sedentary behaviour (especially if you are a researcher or clinician, regardless of your academic discipline) please take 1-2 minutes to complete it (please take an additional 30 seconds to join SBRN as well).  Your input will be extremely useful in determining how SBRN can be most effective moving forward. Please feel free to encourage your colleagues to join SBRN and/or complete the survey as well.

Once again, the survey can be found here.

Thanks for your input!


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