Freshman 15 – Fact or Fiction?

Earlier this year the University of Ottawa Chapter of the Canadian Obesity Network Student and New Professionals (CON SNP) Organization hosted an event for undergraduate students titled “Freshman 15 – Fact or Fiction?”.  The event had a great turnout, and featured a 30-minute presentation by my colleague Dr Jean-Philippe Chaput, who discussed the research on weight gain in university (hint: people do gain weight, but much less than 15 lbs), common causes of weight gain in university, and lifestyle tips for undergrads who would like to stay healthy, regardless of their weight.

I have embedded the video below (email subscribers can view it by visiting the blog).   The event also featured a 30-minute Q&A session, but I’ve edited it out of the video as it was difficult to hear most of the questions.  That’s what you get when you hold an event in the campus bar!

Thanks to Dr Chaput for his excellent talk, Joseph Abdulnour for taking care of the video, and the entire uOttawa CON SNP for organizing a great event.  For more on the Canadian Obesity Network (or to donate to help support their work), click here.


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