What’s a food industry to do?

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Yesterday our friend and colleague Yoni Freedhoff posted a video on his blog of a talk that he was planning to give to a food industry breakfast.  However, he was uninvited a few days before the talk, so he recorded the video and published it on his blog, where it’s already received a staggering 100,000 views (trust me, scientific talks don’t generally get 100,000 views on youtube).

The video is called “What’s a Food Industry to do?”, and looks at some of the absolutely ridiculous things that the food industry does to essentially trick people into buying their products by portraying them as more healthy than they are.  For example saying that something has “no sugar added”, despite being almost entirely made of sugar.  Or Coca Cola claiming not to advertise to children, despite co-branding toys and sponsoring child-focused events.

The video is 13 minutes and very entertaining.  Definitely worth watching during your lunch break.


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