Neuroanthropology at Greg Downey’s!

Greg has created a Neuroanthropology

Greg’s covering a lot of the areas we like on neuroanthropology – the latest from neuroscience, digital initiatives, popular anthropology, psychiatry, and much more. He’s trying out to see how it works as a communication platform, so please leave any feedback you might have.

Here’s the gist on is a new free power publishing curation platform that helps you find links to your favorite topics. You then feed them through social media sites such as Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, etc. which creates an attractive magazine layout on that can be easily shared.

I’m considering using for a lot of posts/news that occupy a middle zone between Twitter and Facebook, and that right now I largely save as “favorites” on my browser, in the futile hope that I might blog on them one day… Greg is being much more efficient than that, and sharing with the whole world!

Some of Greg’s recent scoops

Are Mental Disorders Like Physical Diseases?

Stromberg discusses how an individual’s cultural model of an illness often has considerable influence over the symptoms people experience.

The Psychology of Cults

Podcast from Radio National Australia discusses what sets many groups apart from what we regard as cults is a range of powerful psychological techniques which can be difficult to see through—particularly if you are at a vulnerable time of your life.

Study: Stress Causes Brain To Shrink

Researchers at Yale University saw reductions in the amount of gray matter in parts of the brain that control physiological and emotional functioning in those who endured significant amounts of stress.

You can hear Gravity Pirates’ This Way to the Cargo Cult heavy metal-esque song here.

And as an added bonus, here’s psychiatrist Ralph Linton Robert Lifton speaking on destructive cults in an hour-long lecture.

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