New Public Health Blog joining PLOS Blogs

Quick note of a new blog that may be of relevance to our email subcribers.  PLOS Blogs (the folks who host Obesity Panacea) are in the process of adding a few new blogs to the mix, one of which is titled Public Health.  The title should give a pretty good idea of what they’ll be discussing, which obviously has a large amount of overlap with the topics we discuss here on OP.  There will be a number of researchers/science writers contributing to the blog, including our good friend and colleague Atif Kukaswadia (aka Mr Epidemiology).

Here is Atif’s outline of what the new blog will be discussing in his inaugural post:

In public health, we spend a lot of our time working with upstream determinants of health – how does road design affect physical activity? What is the impact of clean drinking water? How do viruses spread – either through vulnerable populations or around the world? Sometimes these have clear outcomes, and sometimes if we’re successful, the outcome never materializes. We’ll be talking about various issues and factors that affect public health, and welcome your input.

So head over there and say hello, or sign up for the email newsletter.

And if it’s been a while since you visited the PLOS Blogs landing page, it’s worth coming back for another look as they have added several new blogs in the past few months, many of which are likely of interest to our regular readers.

These include:

  • Mind the Brain – psychology, neuroscience and health
  • At the Interface – art and science
  • Sci-Ed science education (Atif is also contributing to this blog, so you can assume it will be terrific).



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