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Over the past couple years Peter and I have begun to publish the occasional post written by someone other than the two of us here on Obesity Panacea.  We’ve done this for a few reasons – it allows us to publish more content than we can create on our own and to cover topics outside of our own expertise, as well as to promoting the work of other people working in our area.  We’ve learned a lot from these guest posts and have been extremely pleased with the response they have generated, so we’ve decided to open it up a bit more to try to expand the process moving forward.

Up until now the guest posts have generally evolved out of conversations with colleagues – we might be discussing an interesting paper with a former labmate, and then invite them to profile it on the blog.  But if we limit guest posts to people that we know personally, then that obviously severely restricts the number of people and breadth of expertise that we can host on the blog.  Thus, we are now opening it up to anyone who would like to submit a guest post here on Obesity Panacea.

We’re open to guest posts on just about any topic related to physical activity, sedentary behaviour, obesity or nutrition (especially if it is linked in some way with health outcomes) , but there are a few things that we really look for in a guest post:

  • Posts that discuss specific research papers, especially if the paper is written by the author, or relates to their own work in some way
  • Posts that explain research in a way that can be understood by readers who may or may not have a background in the field of study
  • We especially like to highlight the work being done by students and young investigators

Examples of popular recent guest posts can be found here.   I would particularly recommend this post by our former labmate Ashlee McGuire as a fantastic example of what we look for in guest posts.  Also, keep in mind that you don’t always need to write something completely new – Peter and I have adapted blog posts from our comprehensive exam papers and other in-class assignments, and or by updating previous blog posts.  If you publish Open Access papers, you can also adapt parts of the paper (with attribution), as Patrice Brassard did with a paper from his lab last week.

Anyone who is interested in writing a guest post should send a short description of their post to obesitypanacea (at) gmail (dot) com.  If we think the idea fits well with our general themes on Obesity Panacea we will work towards getting the post published on the blog.

We hope to hear from you soon!


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