Closing time

A note from PLOS Blogs Community Manager Victoria Costello: We’re sad to see Misha Angrist leave our blog roster but we’ve been honored to host the last two years’ of his Genomeboy posts, which will remain here on PLOS Blogs for our readers to find and enjoy into the future.  Misha blends mastery of genetics with a clear ethical compass, a keen wit, and a big heart – with all of these qualities evident in his last post for us, titled A Mayan Discovery, about a crowdsourced effort to uncover the cause of one little girl’s rare genetic disorder. We wish him well in his next blogging endeavor.

Egrets…I’ve had a few. But then again…

Aw shucks. If there’s one emotion I’ve associated with Genomeboy since its original launch, it’s sheepishness. Ach, you know, I had such ambitions: I would post regularly and fervently, I would be Part of the Conversation. And sure, I’ve had my moments but let’s not soft-pedal it: I am an inconsistent blogger at best. Time and again I’ve read something and thought “I should blog about that” only to have the idea and impulse evaporate in an instant. Thus has Genomeboy come to be enveloped by peeling paint and the sound of crickets. My congenial hosts at PLOS have indulged my sloth and quasi-functional ADHD for almost two years. They have higher expectations as well they should. I appreciate their unflagging support and willingness to stick with me.

Like so many other folks I have assorted demands that only seem to multiply: a family and a day job and students and grants and articles and meetings and a dog and even a band of sorts (!) calling my name. As well they should. In no way am I complaining–this is how life is and mine is blessed in all kinds of ways. But I have not made sustained blogging a part of it for quite a long time and so I think it’s only fair that I stop taking up space in the Hotel PLOS.

I expect I will continue to cause trouble and make noise in various public forums. As a reader, however, I will not abandon this one. I am deeply indebted to my fellow PLOS bloggers both for their sublime literary gifts and especially for their sense of community. As always I look forward to whatever they do next.

I cannot express how grateful I am to you for reading and hanging out.

Good night and good luck.


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