Wednesday Round Up? Try the Neuroanthropology Facebook Group!

As much as I’d like to bring the Wednesday Round Up back, I don’t think it will happen anytime soon. It represents a serious time sink, and I’m trying to get lots of other projects and writing done. So for people looking for stimulating links, I suggest you try the Neuroanthropology Facebook Group.

Recent links on the group include:

One Molecule for Love, Morality, and Prosperity? -Why the hype about oxytocin is dumb and dangerous

Anthropological universals and cultural specifics: Conceptual and methodological challenges in cultural neuroscience

Neuroscience or Neurobabble? -A primer of fMRI methods, and why neuroimaging is not mind-reading

And a job ad for a new faculty position in Comparative Human Development at the University of Chicago

For other options, Connie Cummings over at the Foundation for Psychocultural Research is also running a great weekly round up.

And our own Greg Downey (@GregDowney1) has been sending out some awesome tweets as well.

Still, I definitely want to hype the Neuroanthropology Facebook Group, because the links there often come with discussions among the 400+ members. So a good place to hang out!

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