New Blog, New Name, New Home

I’m joining the Wired Science Blog network as of today and starting there with a new blog name – Elemental – that I think better reflects the way I’ve evolved as a writer fascinated by with our chemical world. As ever interested in poisons though – my first post is a  look at the Dalai Lama’s recent revelation that China might be trying to poison him. I hope you’ll enjoy it, and my continued work there.

But although I’m excited about starting this new venture I also admit some sadness. Because this is a good-bye note, a farewell to my old blog, Speakeasy Science, and to my time at PLoS.
I’ve been a blogger here since 2010. I’ve had the opportunity to write about everything from pepper spray, to arsenic murders, to the haunting occupational health tragedy of the Radium Girls to my ongoing crusade against the ridiculous phrase “chemical free” (had to sneak that in). I’ve been honored for my work here; my post, The Trouble With Scientists, was anthologized in Best American Science Writing 2011.

And I’ve been privileged to be a colleague of some of the smartest bloggers in the business, including Steve Silberman, John Rennie, Emily Anthes,  Jessica Wapner, Misha Angrist, Hilary Rosner, David Kroll…well, the list is long and superb. I’m grateful for their support and kindness and wisdom.

PLoS has  also been ever supportive of all my inquiries and endeavors.  When I decided to make the move, Liz Allen, who oversees the blog network, asked me to share her goodbye note as well:

PLoS Blogs has been privileged to host Pulitzer Prize winning writer Deborah Blum on our Network for the past two years. During this time she has consistently contributed lively and meticulously researched posts that set high standards for all the blogging scientists and science writers who follow her. What I’ve found most impressive about her research blogging has been Deb’s ability to take a newly published study on chemistry, toxic substances or a trending media topic, explain it thoroughly, and immediately put whatever new information it offered into a relevant context for scientists and lay persons alike. And she managed to do all this with good humor and grace. We’ll miss her here, but wish her well in her new endeavor.

It’s been an honor. But I think it’s good for writer like myself to take on new challenges, to experiment with story-telling in new ways, and to reach out to other audiences, as I hope to do at Wired. As you know, that’s also home to a fantastic science blogging network and I’m glad for the opportunity to test my chemical wings there in new and, I hope, intriguing ways.

So stay in touch, okay?

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