Update on the Satellite that Fell From the Sky

In mid-January I reported on the remains of a Russian satellite discovered on a remote beach in the Grenadines. The satellite washed ashore in mid-December and I concluded that its history – including how it got there – was an unsolved mystery.

Well, it appears to no longer be a mystery, as more details have emerged. Dwight Parsons, a local tour operator in the Grenadines, commented on my personal website with additional details on the satellite discovery, which he says he was part of, on December 6, 2011 at 10 AM on Petit Tabac island. He says the satellite was pulled and tied up 34 days later (as my mid-January photos depict).

The satellite fragment was indeed part of a Russian Soyuz 3 Rocket by Arianne Space Solutions. The US Embassy in Barbados, not the Grenadines, confirmed that it was similar to a piece that washed up in Barbados in July 2011. Three informative pieces on CNN iReport located here, here, and here contain photos of the satellite soon after the discovery.

The purpose of the satellite and the larger program it was part of remains unknown.

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