Octopus Lungs for the #IAmUninsured campaign

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During the wonderful outpouring of support for Kevin Zelnio and his family during his son’s bout with pneumonia, science artist Michele Banks (@artologica) offered one of her lovely watercolor paintings as a premium for donations to the medical fund.

Shortly thereafter, she wrote to me the following:

Octopus Lungs, original watercolor by Michele Banks, 2012, 11 x 14 matted.

I decided to make a special painting just for Kevin and his son. Because he had pneumonia, and because I had painted lungs before, I immediately thought of that, but I wanted to make it more personal. Kevin is a marine scientist, so I considered doing something with the idea of underwater breathing. Between that and the lungs, the image of the tentacles-as-bronchi came together immediately. I hope you will overlook its obvious flaws in both human and octopus anatomy, which I believe are overridden by its general badassery.

The full-size painting can be viewed here or by clicking on the image.

Michele had originally wanted to offer the painting as another premium for donations to the medical fund for Kevin’s son. We debated having an auction knowing that the marine science bloggers would be fighting all over themselves to win the painting.

But between my lack of blogging and late-night ruminations over her offer, I thought that the painting would best belong with the Zelnio family as a reminder of the worldwide generosity of the blogging and reading community that we have witnessed over the last month. Michele was kind enough to work with me to make sure this happened.

I strongly encourage you to check out her Artologica shop at Etsy and consider supporting her terrific talent. . .and general badassery.

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