Say Hello to F1000 Research

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Faculty 1000 today announced F1000 Research, a new fully Open Access publishing program across biology and medicine, that will start publishing later this year. The default open access license is CC-BY, and CC0 for data.

Important features include:

  1. immediate publication
  2. open, post-publication peer review
  3. revisioning of work
  4. raw data repository
  5. article format and content is not predefined

F1000 Research is a publishing program rather than a journal. The format for F1000 Research hasn’t been finalized, and F1000 welcomes comments at the blog or via the Twitter account.

My main question about F1000 Research: is this a preprint archive similar to ArXiv and Nature Precedings? I’m a big fan of preprint archives, and I think that – contrary to what most people think – they should work particularly well for clinical trial data.

Update (1/30/12): RetractionWatch and Nature News also cover this story.

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