Today on SBRN: Does TV watching reduce fitness in children?

There is an interesting article today at the Sedentary Behaviour Research Network examining a new study suggesting that TV watching may lead to reduced fitness in children.

The article was written by our colleague Ash Routen, and here is his take-home message:

…it appears for most children that increased time spent engaged in screen-based SB may lead to lower cardiorespiratory fitness (CRF), regardless of how much PA they engage in. However the negative associations reported were not stable across the CRF distribution. That is, there appeared to be no significant relation at the lower end (10th percentile) in boys and girls, and at the upper end (90th percentile) in boys.

The authors speculated that genetic predisposition may account for this non-uniform association, with some individuals at the lower end of the CRF distribution displaying a resistance to age and SB driven changes in CRF.

You can find the full article (as well as the world’s largest database of sedentary-behaviour related research) on the Sedentary Behaviour Research Network website.


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