A Chemical-Free Note

During the past year, readers of this blog have, I hope, become accustomed to the occasional rant on the subject of the ridiculous phrase “chemical-free.” In fact, my first post of last year was a resolution that we give up the term entirely in favor of, um, reality.

Unfortunately, we haven’t quite accomplished that yet. But there are signs that people are listening. For instance, this year I was invited by the Los Angeles Times to write an opinion piece on the subject. It ran Sunday under the title Chemical Free Nonsense.

Which is, of course, exactly what it is. Off to a good start, readers. But expect to hear from me again on this topic because it matters. As I wrote in the Times piece:

“Let’s not fool ourselves either into thinking it’s just a harmless little slogan, this simple-minded equating of  “chemical” with “evil”, this invitation to chemophobia.  We read it a lot more often than we read up on the actual ingredients. It leaps off of bottles and jars and bakery windows. It’s a daily exposure, one  that can muddy our understanding of legitimate risks.”

Definitely worth a few more rants, don’t you think?

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