Anthropology Report: Best Anthro Blogs of 2011

The Anthropology Report has released its list of the top anthropology blogs of 2011.

Using a survey of readers who ranked their favorites, Jason Antrosio took the long list of anthropology blogs (120 plus!) and gave us some of the best anthropology done online. Congratulations to all!

Greg and I were especially gratified that Neuroanthropology came in #2. Thank you to everyone who voted for us!

We were sandwiched between the Gran Daddy Savage Minds and the one-man army John Hawks. The other top twelve are all worthy, so go check them out!

I used this list as motive to do an extensive and much needed update of our blogroll, so scroll down to check out the Faves and More on the right side.

I also put our Neuroanthropology Facebook group on our front page, as well as Greg’s new Twitter feed.

The blogroll update prompted me to think of a few blogs I wish had made the final popular list. And to make sure the mentions don’t get out of hand, I’m sticking to the magic number three!

Middle Savagery – get the latest dissertation chapter on digital archaeology

Anthropologies – check out the latest, a great issue on Visual Anthropology

Patrick Clarkin – a timely post on the biology of growing up in North or South Korea

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