5 Fantastic Interviews from #CSEP11

Last week during the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology Conference in Quebec City, our friend Paul Boisvert produced several excellent interviews with leading researchers in the areas of exercise, sedentary behaviour and obesity.  I debated posting them one at a time over the course of the next week, but thought it would be better to have all of the videos in one single post.  Email subscribers can view all of the videos by visiting the blog itself.

The most relevant is an interview with my colleague Dr JP Chaput, whose talk I discussed last Friday. In the below interview, Dr Chaput summarizes his work on sedentary behaviour and increased food intake.

Paul also had a very interesting discussion with Dr Michael Riddel of York University on the pros and cons of using drugs vs physical activity in the prevention of chronic diseases (Hint: it’s much easier to take a drug than to be physically active, but there is also a much greater risk of side effects).

My former Master’s supervisor Bob Ross offers evidence that exercise reduces abdominal fat regardless of changes in weight.

Finally, Paul spoke with Dr Isabelle Dionne (in both French and English) on issues related to exercise and weight management in the elderly.  Of particular interest, she explains why body weight is a poor treatment outcome in the elderly, in comparison to other outcomes such as physical capacity.

You can find all of Paul’s videos in both French and English at the Chaire Obesité Youtube page.


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