If you’ve been duped by Reebok’s ‘butt-toning’ shoes, you can now get your money back!

Recently, Travis discussed the unsurprising truth about toning shoes. In that post he concluded that the various claims made by companies suggesting that wearing running shoes with mis-shapen soles would produce strength or aesthetic improvements are largely dubious.

Well, it turns out that the Federal Trades Commission is in agreement with this general conclusion, as least in reference to claims made by Reebok, the maker of a variety of “toning” shoes.

As of yesterday, Reebok agreed to refund $25 million to customers who purchased a pair of its EasyTone walking shoes, RunTone running shoes or EasyTone flip-flops.

If you have purchased these shoes only to realize they were largely a scam, please visit here for details on how to get your money back.

Of course, Reebok claims that it decided to settle the case to avoid a drawn-out legal battle. Apparently, the company stands behind the ankle-spraining shoes it will continue to peddle, albeit with less provocative advertising. Rather than providing any actual evidence that their product may do any of the things the company claims, Reebok says it has received “overwhelmingly enthusiastic feedback” from customers.

And that’s all the evidence they need!

No word yet whether other brands which have  jumped on the “butt-shaping” shoe bandwagon will be held accountable for their false claims.


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