HeLa High!

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Just got some terrific news from Renee Coale, a Washington (state)-based friend and personal assistant to author Rebecca Skloot.

Get this: A new health and biosciences high school to be opened in 2013 in Vancouver, Washington will be named after Henrietta Lacks!

“It is such an honor to name our new school after a person who so impacted the world of medicine and science,” said school board member Victoria Bradford, who also served on the naming committee. “It is also a privilege to be the first organization to publicly memorialize Henrietta Lacks by naming this school building after her.”

The Henrietta Lacks Health and Bioscience High School will be known informally as HeLa High. The name was a unanimous choice out of three options considered by the Evergreen Public Schools’ Board of Directors.

Vancouver is just across the state border from Portland, Oregon.

This is so full of awesome.

Now to consider the name of the school’s mascot. . .

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