Today at 1pm EST: Trine Tsouderos chats with Yale’s Carl Baum about kids & toxins

This looks like it should be interesting: In just about an hour, the Chicago Tribune‘s indefatigable Trine Tsouderos will be hosting a live-chat with Dr. Carl Baum, the director of the Center for Children’s Environmental Toxicology at Yale School of Medicine and the director of the Yale Lead Program. Here’s the intro:

Lead paint, mercury bulbs, BPA, flame retardants. On and on. We as parents worry about chemicals and toxins and their effects on our children. We stare at our walls and wonder whether there is lead paint there. We worry about metals and chemicals in our kids’ food and soil and clothing. We wonder whether our lifestyles are docking IQ points from our kids, causing behavioral troubles, delaying them developmentally. We wonder whether there are things in our house that shouldn’t be.

What should we be concerned about, and what should we scratch off our list of worries? Are there companies out there exploiting our fears and offering solutions to problems that don’t exist or solutions that could actually be harmful? How can we, as parents, create the safest, healthiest environment for our children?

All important questions — and I know lots of parents who’d love to know what is actually worthy of their concern and what they don’t need to obsess about…

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