to feature “updated” vaccine info “within a couple of weeks.”

Earlier today, I got a reply to my earlier query about the fact that the vaccine forum, as well as all info about Bob Sears’s bestseller The Vaccine Book, had gone missing from the Sears family’s revamped website. The answer came from Matt Sears, one of “Dr. Bill” and Martha Sears’s eight children. (The three oldest boys, “Dr. Jim,” “Dr. Bob,” and “Dr. Pete,” are all doctors.) Here it is, reprinted in full:

Hi Seth,

The vaccine content currently in the process of being updated and added to the new website and should be live within a couple weeks.  The website is down only because it hasn’t been updated to the new servers, no specific reason other than the designers not getting to that content yet.

Warm regards,
Matt Sears

Two quick points:

First, kudos to Matt for emailing me back — and I mean that in all sincerity. It’s a classy move. Anyone who has read anything I’ve written about Matt’s brother, either on this site or in my book, knows that I find Bob Sears’s actions in regards to vaccines to be profoundly disturbing. I also think it’s important for people who disagree with each other to keep open all available lines of communication.

Second, Matt’s explanation that the vaccine content is still in the process of being updated still strikes me as…odd, if nothing else. Compare the “Main Topics” listed on the old iteration of the Sears family site, as shown here:

With the list of “Categories” featured on the new site, as seen here:

It looks like the only thing that’s missing is vaccines. (I’m not counting L.E.A.N. Start and GoFish Omega 3 DHA as topics, because those are actually just products, and they’re all still available through the Dr. Sears Family Essentials e-commerce store.) The “Vaccines” forum on the old site appeared to be one of the most heavily trafficked areas…and as of last Friday, Bob Sears himself seemed unclear about why his advice about topics like the lack of danger measles presents to infants was no longer available.

So the question remains: Is the rest of the Sears family distancing themselves from Dr. Bob’s dangerous rhetoric? It looks like we’ll find out before the month is done.

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