Ask everyONE: Timeline for articles appearing online

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This post is written by Jennafer Kinsey. Jennafer is a Production Coordinator for PLoS ONE and provides author support, as well as helps keep papers on track throughout the production process.

The past couple of weeks we have focused on questions relating to initial submission, however this week we will answer one the most common questions our Production Department receives which is, “When will my paper appear online?

Once your paper passes through its Editorial Review, it moves to the Production Department. On average, a paper takes about 30 days pass through the Production Process. This timeline may see slight variation due to several factors.   Most typically these include how long it takes the authors to fulfill the Production Requests and  accommodating late changes generated by the authors.

At any time during your paper’s travels through the Production process we can inform you of the status of your paper if you email

To find answers to more commonly asked questions please check out our Most Common Questions page. If you have a more immediate question though, please contact us directly at plosone [at]

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