Robert Sapolsky and Human Behavioral Biology

Robert Sapolsky, Stanford professor of biology and neurology and author of Why Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers and other wonderful science books, is now ready to teach you human behavioral biology!

Stanford has just posted his entire Human Behavioral Biology course from Spring 2010 on YouTube!

Here’s the opening day of class:

Though it’s not Sapolsky, you can get this lecture on Introduction to Neuroscience – 1

A follow-up lecture, Introduction to Neuroscience – 2, focuses on memory and plasticity. Sapolsky delivers the lecture on the limbic system.

The 25 session course covers an enormous spectrum, from behavioral evolution to endocrinology to human sexual behavior to language, schizophrenia, and individual differences.

Link to overall list of Robert Sapolsky’s Human Behavioral Biology class on YouTube.

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