Preventing Obesity: “Preventive” Pharmacology (Podcast # 22)

Dr Angelo Tremblay

Today we have reached the conclusion of our 4 part series on obesity prevention with Universite Laval obesity researcher Angelo Tremblay.  In case you missed them, here are parts 1-3:

In today’s episode Dr Tremblay examines the impact of methylphenidate (Ritalin) on food intake and body weight, and discusses his own “case-study” taking Ritalin himself!

As with the previous presentations, this lecture can be listened to as a typical audio-only podcast, or it can be viewed as a webinar with powerpoint slides. This week’s presentation is approximately 10 minutes, so it should be easily digestible during the lunch-hour or mid-afternoon break.  The audio-only podcast (but not the slideshow) also includes the Q&A session following the lecture, which has a number of fascinating questions which are worth the listen.

A reminder that email subscribers can listen to the podcast here on the blog, and can also download it directly by clicking here (it’s released with a creative commons license, so feel free to embed or sample it on other sites however you please). And to have all of our podcasts delivered directly to your ipod, you can also subscribe via itunes. To view all of our former podcasts, click here.

Finally, thanks again to Dr Tremblay for graciously allowing me to record his talk and for providing me with his power point slides.  Thanks also to Dr JP Chaput for setting up the talk itself.


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