Neuron – Open-Access Reviews on Addiction

The journal Neuron has an outstanding collection of “Reviews on Addiction” presented as an open-access special issue… for the month of March. Yes, you can get the articles below for free until March 31st.

Neuron’s homepage also features a podcast with Nora Volkow, a leading neuroscientist of addiction and current head of the National Institute of Drug Abuse. She speaks on the state of the art in addiction, both as a researcher and as head of NIDA, with Neuron’s senior editor Kris Dickinson.

Here’s a good sampling of what you can get – all pdfs. Or you can go directly to the Table of Contents.


Steve Hyman on Cognitive Enhancement: Promises and Perils

Nora Volkow et al on Addiction: Pulling at the Threads of Social Behaviors

Wolfram Schultz on Potential Vulnerabilities of Neuronal Reward, Risk, and Decision Mechanisms to Addictive Drugs

Full Review Articles

Jeffrey Daley et al on Impulsivity, Compulsivity, and Top-Down Cognitive Control

David Sulzer on How Addictive Drugs Disrupt Presynaptic Dopamine Neurotransmission

Christian Luscher & Robert Malenka on Drug-Evoked Synaptic Plasticity in Addiction: From Molecular Changes to Circuit Remodeling

There are also articles on opiates and chronic pain, genetics of addiction, reward and obesity, and behavioral and pharmacological treatment.

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